Yo Mate What UP?!

Lawn tips is run by myself, Ben Sims. I currently live in Orange, NSW, Australia.

Lawn Tips was created so I could share my passion and teach practical advice on how to care for your lawn. If you are a beginner or even an experienced lawn enthusiast, 'Lawn Tips' will have something for you. My Goal is to build a community of like-minded lawn enthusiasts through weekly videos full of tips, tricks, and a little bit of humour.



I'm 28 years old, happily married to my beautiful wife and have two cheeky boys and baby girl that love spending time on the lawn.

I've been qualified Greenkeeper for 8 years and lawn is my passion! During the day I work on a local golf course doing what I love. I started Lawn Tips in 2017 because I love teaching and inspiring others how to love their lawns.

I'd love to be able to pursue 'Lawn Tips' full time in the future and build a community of lawn enthusiasts who share a similar passion for their lawn.



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