Natures Soil Wetter

Natures Soil Wetter

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Super concentrated wetter and soil conditioner. Improves soil structure of sandy soils and helps break down clay soils.

Suitable for all environmentally sensitive areas incl. turf, lawns, golf greens, garden areas, sandy soils and clay soils, safe for pot plants, vegetables, fruit trees, natives etc.

  • Excellent for Hydrophobic soils, moisture stress and Dry Patch

  • Powerful & concentrated

  • Effective immediately

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Saves time & labour

  • Saves money

Nature's Soil Wetter is Non Toxic and has No Petro-Chemicals. It contains over 70 Trace Elements/minerals. This material used in 'Nature's Soil Wetter' derived from 100% Natural Complex Organic Compounds (COC) ingredients, Non-toxic Surfactants, Natural Botanical Extracts, incl. Taraxacum officinale, Corn Starch derivatives and 'Humates/ Fulvates e.g. that was used in the 'Break Through' discovery by Australia's leading Scientists, CSIRO and published by Australian Journal of Soil Research (Vol.40 2002).


  • Hydrophobic, Hard to wet soils improved dramatically

  • Holds fertiliser and water like a sponge, naturally

  • Improved seed germination - quicker!

  • Powerful beneficial Microbial stimulant

  • Restores, renews lifeless soils

  • Removes toxic residues & heavy metals, binds salts

  • Increases longevity of Nitrogen (e.g. Urea up to 80 days)

  • Magnifies root growth, contains natural root stimulants

  • Improves soil crumb structure

  • Assists in breaking up clay soils

  • pH Buffer i.e. all pH extremes are instantly remedied



  • Pasture/Turf Management: 10 Litres/Hectare (in minimum 600lt water)

  • Bowling & Golf Greens: 100ml/100m2 (2-4 weekly)

  • Fairways: 50-75ml/100m2 (4 weekly)

  • Home Garden and Lawns: 100ml/100m2 (2-4 weekly)

  • Potted plants: 10ml/watering can (monthly)

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